The Mobile Shall Inherit the Earth

The mobile shall inherit the earth they say. At least, judging by how often some people fondle and caress their mobile devices, that might be going to happen some time soon in the future. In fact, it’s already happening as I am writing this. Image credits:


I’m not getting all biblical about this, but have you ever tried leaving the house without your mobile device? It doesn’t feel good for me, because it makes me feel ‘naked’.

A Greasy Affair

Chinese New Year is just on the horizon, and with a little more than a week to go, families are scrambling to the markets to stock up on all the goodies. I was with my photo-buddy Steven Chua at the Kenyalang Park commercial center and the place was bustling with activity. I was just turning around a corner when I saw these huge piles of preserved meat, comprising of salted duck, Chinese sausages and some weird flat-shaped patties.

Here’s another angle, closer-up.

They sure look tasty, but I also couldn’t help wondering how much sodium nitrate they have in them. The stuff must be loaded with other preservatives as well. In all fairness, I think most of what we eat today are loaded with junk anyway.