A Musical January


This month will be a musical one indeed. See below for the following masterclasses and concerts. Tickets can be obtained from Classic Music Conservatory (CMC) in Kuching. Please contact Mr. Brian Lee for details (0 12-886 3588). Details on the concert and venue as shown below.

Fuegokoori Trio Comes to Kuching!

Venue: MBKS Kuching South City Hall Auditorium
Date: 16th January 2013
Ticket Price: RM 30.00
More Information: https://www.facebook.com/FuegokooriTrio


Stars of Today & Tomorrow in Concert 2013

Venue: Classic Music Conservatory
Date of Concert: 27th January 2013
Date of Masterclass: 28th January 2013 (morning)
Concert Ticket Price: RM 30.00 (students), RM 50.00 and RM 100.00 for adults.
Masterclass fee (Dr. Nicholas Ong – Piano, James Dong – Violin): RM 250.00 per hour.


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