The Chinese Gardens Mystery Model

For want of a better title, I decided that ‘model’ might be a more catchy term. I took the following photo during a visit to Chinese Gardens, Singapore. Smack in the middle of the gardens was this multi-storey (okay, I forgot to count) pagoda. Perfect observation post, I thought to myself.

After reaching the top landing of the stair well, a quick glance over the edge and after snapping a few photos of the spiral stairwell, out pops this fellow. A very lucky encounter with a mad photographer.


Raw vs Jpeg Part 2

In my previous blog posting, I mentioned about the differences between shooting in Raw and JPEG, as well as some the pros and cons between the two.

In this posting, We will be doing a side-by-side comparison between a JPEG image and a Raw conversion.

Comparisons will be done at 100% crops, so you can see how well Raw files retain fine details.

Conversion of Raw files will be done with ViewNX 2.

JPEG Output (Click to Enlarge)