iPhoneography in Kuching


I made a return trip to Kuching just recently to once again savour the freshness of the air, and to soak up the quiet ambiance of my beloved hometown Kuching.

Kuching has changed a lot during my time in the Little Red Dot, and there were opportunities aplenty for taking great pictures. In this change, there was a part of me rooting for the familiar and comfortable facets of life in Kuching. Perhaps, it was my time away that cultivated in me a certain fondness for the mundane and simple. Distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder. I am back to my domain, and once again, the master of the house.

Below are some pictures taken with my iPhone 6, minor touch-ups in Adobe Lightroom CC.

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Calm Before the Storm – Damai Beach, Kuching, Malaysia.

Damai Beach, Kuching, Malaysia.

India Street, Kuching, Malaysia.

TGV Cinemas, VivaCity Megamall, Kuching, Malaysia.

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