My Photo Gallery

Below are some of my photography works. I will add more content to this section as I go along. Please take note that these images are purely for your viewing pleasure and unauthorized use in any way is strictly prohibited. If you would like to use these photographs, please contact me.

The Eye of a Rose

The Eye of a Rose

The Gong Monster – Flower Dome, Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Sunset by the Astana

The Crucifix

MacBook Air

Life in the Longhouse

Cat in the Longhouse

Jigsaw Faces

Light Trails

River Boat Taxis, Sarawak River, Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching City, capital city of Malaysia’s eastern state of Sarawak

Kuching City

Manukan Island Jetty, Sabah, Malaysia

Flower stalk macro

Manukan Island Beach, Sabah, Malaysia

Kundasang Valley, Sabah, Malaysia

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