Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was ‘supposed’ to be a bad day for everyone, at least that was what most people would have thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if the superstitious among us would have made sure they got up from the right side of the bed in the morning (or is it the left?) or even took care not to spill even a grain of salt on the breakfast table.

What the heck.

Bad luck for all? Don’t know about other people, but things went pretty well for me on that day. A little better for me on that day than on the average day.

The night before, a friend walked into my room and asked me if I knew anything about the myths and mysteries surrounding the much ‘feared’ Friday the 13th. A quick visit to Wikipedia revealed that while some people become magnets for ‘all doom and gloom’ for the day, some people attract the good stuff. Wow! I think that fits my case pretty well.


I had a presentation that morning, which I was not prepared for, and I scored with flying colours. During the afternoon, I had to present to my supervisor what I’ve done so far for my final year project, and he was quite pleased with my work. Lucky? Yeah, lucky.

So what’s the punch line here then? Friday the 13th is just like any other day. Days which brought about more bad luck then any other day in Malaysia are like the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and those big festivities. How come? Here’s how come:

1. Road accidents have been found to increase in numbers during these seasons.
2. ‘Over-indulgence’ at the dinner table.
3. Blood sugar level rising.
4. Tendency to overspend.
5. [Fill-In-The-Blank] (I’m not a pessimist)

So much for Friday the 13th…


Working 24-7

I used to wonder, and I am still wondering even today, how long can you keep a computer running without switching it off. It’s not difficult to imagine how much we use computers today, with the advent of the internet as the ‘in’ thing. Computer addiction is a real problem these days, with kids spending more time in front of the monitor than they see daylight. I’m a seasoned (and hopeless) addict; I’ve been there, done that.

Tsk tsk! Messy right? I know I know…

You don’t have to tell that I’m seriously low on desktop real estate. Look at the top right corner.

Yup, my computer has been working (and it’s still working, otherwise you won’t be reading this post…chuckles…) harder than a bank’s server. I’ve also got that stupid final year project to do, so what can I do? I think it’s going to be up for another 24 hours.


Needless to say, here’s the culprit…

Moan…the facade of iniquity. The unnecessary pain and suffering. The nemesis that is keeping me awake, buried in miles of jargon and code. But I can’t sleep. I just had coffee…damn.

Goodnight to you all anyway, looks like I’ll be alone again. Sigh….